The Adoption Process – What Can I Control?

Written by Laci Richter Adoptive Mom & Author of Refuel Your Wait When my husband and I started the process of adoption, I thought that we were finally in control of building our family.  After years of trying to conceive and unsuccessful medical treatments, we were now going to have control over the outcome. When we started to encounter what I viewed as obstacles or closed doors, I started to work even harder at trying to control situations and timing. In my book, Refuel Your Wait: Find Hope and Overcome Fear While Adopting, I write a lot about my struggles [...]

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Ramblings of a Birth Mom: Adoption Advertising

As a birth mom, I hate adoption advertising. As an adoption professional , I hate adoption advertising. I hate the idea of “targeted marketing” and paid Google ads. The very thought of sitting down and trying to figure out the demographic group I should push a Facebook or Instagram Ad to irks me to my core. Doing this implies that all birth mothers come from the same walk of life and we don’t. But a very wise woman once told me, women are going to place their babies for adoption and they need to find you. I have made it [...]

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Adoption Tax Credit: Disrupted Adoption

By now, many of you may have learned that a successful placement and adoption of a minor, with the exception of step-parent adoptions, makes you eligible for a 14,000 federal (and in some states, some level of state) income adoption tax credit (in addition to any gross income deductions allowed). A credit reduces the amount of the tax; a deduction reduces the amount of income the tax will be based. What If Our Placement Wasn't Successful? But what if the placement is disrupted? As emotionally devastating as a disruption is, are prospective adoptive couples still eligible for such tax savings? [...]

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Birth Parent Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and with that means holiday gift giving. Adoptive parents, you are not obligated to get your child’s birth parents a Christmas gift. BUT (yes, there is a but.) Why wouldn't you at least sign your name to a simple card, just to let them know they're thought of?  As a birth mother, I frequently get asked by adoptive parents what they should get their child’s birth mother for Christmas.  And as much as we all love Christmas cookies, I don’t have a cookie cutter answer to that question. There are so many [...]

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Ways that COVID-19 is Affecting Adoptions

COVID-19 is affecting the whole world right now, from miniscule details of our daily lives to our future plans. And in those details of our daily lives and future plans, it is having a profound impact on adoptions. Everyone involved in an adoption plan is having to change every aspect of that “plan.” Having a baby is scary enough – even more so when you have to do it alone, without your support team you were planning on having, and even more than that when you have made the decision to place your baby for adoption. My heart hurts for [...]

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Ways to Self-Match in Your Adoption

You have made the decision to adopt…now what?!  Do you choose to work with adoption agency? Do you find an adoption consultant to guide you? Do you work with an adoption attorney and utilize the world around you to help you self-match? Self-matching is the idea that you, as the adoptive parents, are trying to find an expectant mother on your own as opposed to working with adoption agency or consultant.  This can be a much more cost-effective, and personal, route to take on your adoption journey.  If you decide to focus on self-matching during your adoption, make sure you [...]

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Ten Fun Fundraising Ideas to help you Fundraise for your Adoption

If you have ever been involved in any part of the adoption process, I don’t need to tell you that adoption is expensive.  Sometimes very, very expensive.  Starting with that initial consultation with an attorney or agency, then their fees for their services, and then birth mom expenses and medical bills, and then court costs and filing fees; and lord help us all if you have a birth father that decides to contest the adoption.  It’s enough to make your head spin and your wallet weep.  And on top of all of that, you have another tiny human to [...]

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New Adoption Leave Just Like Maternity Leave!

In 2018, the Louisiana Legislature passed ACT 631, which awards school employees like teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, and psychologists who are prospective adoptive parents, a leave of absence similar to that provided by the Federal Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and our Louisiana version. Regularly employed women teachers are granted a leave of absence for a reasonable time before and after birth of a child. Now, thanks to Act 631, regularly employed teachers are also granted a leaves of absence of up to 30 days, after placement of a child as part of an adoption. These school employees who are [...]

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Adoption Tax Identification Number

If you are in the process of adopting a child and are able to claim the child as your dependent or are able to claim a child care credit, you may need an Adoption Tax Identification Number (“ATIN”) until a SSN is issued for your adoptive child. An ATIN is issued by the IRS as a temporary taxpayer identification number for the child in a domestic adoption when the adopting taxpayers do not have and/or are unable to obtain the child's Social Security Number (SSN). 1 According to the IRS, recent tax law changes require that when you list a [...]

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Adoption Stories: Scott and Holly Sanchez

Our entire adoption story is such a beautiful blessing. We are so thankful that Gaudin Law Group was part of that blessing. In 2017, we were contacted by our son’s birth mother approximately three months before he was born. As we began to move forward with our “adoption to-do list” we knew how important it was to find a knowledgeable and caring attorney to navigate us through the journey. After speaking to several friends that utilized Gaudin Law Group for their adoption process, we quickly contacted Todd Gaudin. Our experience was surprisingly pleasant (as we all know how stressful [...]

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