Our Core Values

Healing & Warriorship

We are healers when needed, warriors when necessary. We fight to protect and defend our clients but discern when to use a sword or kindness. Giving someone respect, being prepared/skilled/passionate, and taking initiative often give us leverage to resolve a dispute. We use our passion and compassion wisely.


We lead. We’re decisive. We make the call and own the outcome. Fearless. Confident, not arrogant.

Friendliness & Enthusiasm

Our friendly attitude and enthusiasm is in our DNA. We create memorable human connections.

Creativity &
Problem Solving

We are creative and ethical problem solvers. We innovate to overcome and adapt to challenges, but always within ethical boundaries.


We are communication experts. Clear, On-Point, understandable communication is vital. Using the right words (common or sophisticated depending on the audience), in the right way (tone), at the right time, is vital to doing our jobs well and to our health and happiness. It’s also a part of our exceptional customer service. We routinely and timely acknowledge receiving messages and respond with clear answers.