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    Gaudin Law Group’s founder, Todd Gaudin, explains the history of Gaudin Law Group and their journey to help families through important milestones.

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    Each member of our team shares a professional mission to be On Point! in competency, service, and ethical duties. To us, being On Point means being on top of things, on the ball, on schedule, ready to perform at our best, to be excellent, and is the company’s guiding principle and why it’s our company name. We are people who make a living by guiding, coaching, supporting, and leading our clients in situations that are often very personal and sensitive – ones that forever mark a person’s life. With so much at stake for us and our clients, we must be On Point and that’s what we aim to be!

    What our clients say about us.

    Adoption Stories: Robert and Claudia Brown

    My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with Gaudin Law Group. Everyone at the law firm was very patient and understanding. Our adoption matter wasn’t an easy one, but Todd and Rebecca got the job done. They did a remarkable job and didn’t let up on our case.
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    Adoption Stories: Michelle and Thad Carter

    Within months following retaining Gaudin Law Group, our beautiful baby boy was born. The moment came a bit unexpected.  Gaudin Law Group was quick to act, proceeding forward with the necessary steps and having all the paperwork ready. Following placement  Gaudin Law Group continued to guide us throughout the adoption process, all the way up to finalization.

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    Adoption Stories: Jessi and Ben Morris

    From the moment we met with Todd Gaudin, we knew he was our guy for this journey. And journey it has been, with even a trip to Haiti included. Todd will go above and beyond to make sure your journey is worth the wait.

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    Ours was a more complicated case since we were crossing state lines with a baby, but Gaudin Law Group did a great job, always keeping us informed of what was going on and where we were on the timeline to her final adoption.

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    We are so grateful for Todd and Rebecca at  Gaudin Law Group assisting us through our adoption journey. Their expertise and thorough explanations during each step helped keep us calm and we were able to trust the process more effectively. As immediate changes came up, they addressed them timely and sought amiable solutions quickly.

    Thanks to  Gaudin Law Group, our baby girl is now officially ours and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!

    Sanchez Adoption Story

    Our entire adoption story is such a beautiful blessing. We are so thankful that Gaudin Law Group was part of that blessing.

    In 2017, we were contacted by our son’s birth mother approximately three months before he was born. As we began to move forward with our “adoption to-do list” we knew how important it was to find a knowledgeable and caring attorney to navigate us through the journey. After speaking to several friends that utilized Gaudin Law Group for their adoption process, we quickly contacted Todd Gaudin.

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