Todd leads the group at Gaudin Law Group, a boutique firm focusing on select family and property projects. He has served the legal profession since August 1996, when he was hired to work for the First Circuit Court of Appeal three months after graduating from law school.


Todd has experienced adoptions personally, and professionally in at least 20 parishes and 16 other states. He has advocated for clients in the foster care system to give them a voice and to get due recognition and fair treatment. To keep up with changes, and to influence change, in adoption laws, Todd works with the Law Institute’s Children’s Code Committee and is a member of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ADOPTION ATTORNEYS. Over the years, he’s volunteered to testify on adoption-related bills in front of legislative committees.


Todd has lectured other attorneys and the public on topics related to Interdictions (i.e., adult guardianships), Testaments, and Successions. He believes that these areas are usually big sources of extra stress for clients that his firm can help relieve– often through speed of action and diligence. He has seen how death can expose family rifts, repressed hurts, and past dishonest actions. Given these circumstances, OPL is in, according to Todd, a position to pursue these three fundamental opportunities for an attorney– to be a peacemaker, or a warrior, and always a guide in the system. He was admitted in the BATON ROUGE ESTATE AND BUSINESS PLANNING COUNCIL in 2020.


Todd served as a board member for PARACLETIA, a unique private counseling non-profit, and; APEX COLLEGIATE ACADEMY, a Type II Charter School from 2015–2019. He serves GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN, an important non-profit that supports grandparents. He’s also a member of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS through his home Parish. When he’s not at his office, he enjoys time with his animals, which include his bee hives. He lives in Baton Rouge with his wife, Hope, and their four children.

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