New Adoption Leave Just Like Maternity Leave!

Adoption Leave

In 2018, the Louisiana Legislature passed ACT 631, which awards school employees like teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, and psychologists who are prospective adoptive parents, a leave of absence similar to that provided by the Federal Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and our Louisiana version. Regularly employed women teachers are granted a leave of absence for a reasonable time before and after birth of a child. Now, thanks to Act 631, regularly employed teachers are also granted a leaves of absence of up to 30 days, after placement of a child as part of an adoption. These school employees who are adopting may not be terminated from their jobs for taking time off after the placement of an adopted child in their home.

The new and old law apply to teachers employed by local school boards, teachers employed by the Special School District, certain teachers at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and teachers of students placed in the custody of the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections.

If you want to read up on the details, you can find Act 631 at

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