What should I expect if we allow On Point Legal, LLC to help us?

In general, you should expect technical competence, practical forethought and personal service. The exact services you will receive depend on your specific situation. In every case, we will always explain the process to you in detail – so that you understand, and we will make ourselves available for any questions or concerns you have along the way. We will also prepare you for different issues that may arise along the way. We will handle all the paperwork necessary to finalize your adoption, including terminating the birth parents’ rights.

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How much do private adoptions cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because every adoption is so different. There are certain expenses that are usually associated with private adoptions, but the amounts vary, these expenses include: our attorney fees, court costs, court filing fees, pre-surrender or birth parent counselor expenses, your home study and post placement report fees and birth parent attorney expenses. Other adoption fees may include legally allowed birth mother living expenses, medical expenses, adoptive family travel and lodging, and third party consultation fees. The range is wide - anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, legal complexity, whether the father cooperates, human complications and [...]

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How does your fee payment process work?

After we meet and discuss your circumstances, we will put together a proposal for fees and a payment plan. Depending on your circumstances, the proposal may be an hourly estimate for each stage of the adoption, a “fixed” fee plus cost, or a combination. You will get to see the proposal and have input finalizing the proposal. Most often, you are required to pay a deposit before we begin work. Invoices may be sent to you monthly or at intervals that meet your budget.

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Can On Point Legal, LLC protect us from being scammed?

This is such an important issue to us. Sadly, being taken advantage of is a real risk. Our team will help protect you and itself from a parent’s fraudulent behavior by: Conducting on-going “risk assessments”, beginning with a birth parent(s) initial interview, research of their online clerk of court records and social media pages; Being vigilant and being able and willing to corroborate information we receive, including proof of pregnancy; Sensing risky signs (“red flags”), calling a meeting and bringing it to your immediate attention, then making a decision about what to do; Not creating or indulging in a birth [...]

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What is a home study?

It’s a written report drafted by a licensed professional (most often an LCSW). They will collect a lot of background information about the adoptive family through interviews, requests for criminal histories, abuse & neglect histories, and references. The professional will also include his or her own personal evaluation and instincts. The standard is whether this potential home will be a safe and healthy one for the child, not whether the family is perfect in every way. The report is not meant to arbitrarily disqualify people who want to adopt. They usually cost about $1,500.00. They are not required for intrafamily [...]

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What is an open adoption?

We define “open adoption” like this– anything that is not closed! Seriously, a closed adoption is where the parents and adoptive parents agree not to have any future contact and do not know much about one another. An open adoption is everything else! It could mean limited contact, like periodic cards, pictures, letters, etc. to a lot of contact throughout the year at school functions, holidays, birthday parties. What is acceptable depends on the people involved and what each wants and is comfortable with. On Point Legal will work with you and the birth parents to determine what is best [...]

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What are some risks associated with private adoption?

Financial and emotional. Adoption comes with great responsibility and risk, but it can also be a great reward. If the birth mother changes her mind and decides not to place the baby with you, you may not receive reimbursement of the funds donated to the birth mother. The emotional risk is also that the birth mother may change her mind. Adoptive families often form a bond with birth mothers and enjoy the idea of future contact.

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How long does the private adoption process take?

The amount of time you have to wait before being matched can vary. It can take about three to six months to have complete home study. But once you are matched, and the child is born – you have to wait at least one year from the date the child is placed with you before we can file with the court asking to finalize the adoption. This is due to a legally required waiting period that is part of the vetting process to help ensure the placement is healthy. When a child is closely related to the adoptive parent (or [...]

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Who chooses the child’s name?

The birth mother gets 1st Dibs. As the then-legal parent, she has the right to choose her child’s first and middle name. She may also defer to the adoptive parents and allow them to choose the child’s first and middle name or the parents can mutually agree on a name. The child’s last name is required to be mother’s maiden name, if she is not married, or the name of the father, if she is married or agrees to have the father claim his paternity and add his name to the birth certificate. The child’s legal name will be the [...]

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