This is such an important issue to us. Sadly, being taken advantage of is a real risk. Our team will help protect you and itself from a parent’s fraudulent behavior by:

  • Conducting on-going “risk assessments”, beginning with a birth parent(s) initial interview, research of their online clerk of court records and social media pages;
  • Being vigilant and being able and willing to corroborate information we receive, including proof of pregnancy;
  • Sensing risky signs (“red flags”), calling a meeting and bringing it to your immediate attention, then making a decision about what to do;
  • Not creating or indulging in a birth parent’s unreasonable expectations– being compassionate but realistic.
  • Following the law, which assigns management of any financial donations to a mother to the attorney and adhering to the letter and spirit of the law.
  • Being able to consult peers and other professionals for good advice in tough situations;
  • Being willing to say no to a parent if a request or a pattern of behavior is not legal or reasonable.