How is child support determined?

It is the duty of the parents, both mother and father, to support their child. The state legislature has provided a scale for monthly child support payments based on the details of the family. We look at the income of both parties, how many children are in the family, and whether any of the children have special needs or extraordinary expenses to be considered.

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Can I get help paying for big expenses like health insurance and sports activities for my child?

People often forget that child support may also include the costs of health insurance coverage for their child, uncovered medical expenses and even extracurricular activities. If child support is an issue that has arisen in your family, speak with an attorney about how to move forward so you can be sure you aren’t leaving anything out.

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How long will I have to wait to get a judgment of divorce?

The time period required for a divorce depends upon whether you and your spouse already live separately and whether you have children together as a result of your marriage. The law requires that parties to a divorce who do not have any children born of their marriage live separately for six months, and that parties who do have children together wait one year before a judgment of divorce will be granted. The divorce petition may be filed when you begin living separately or when you have already lived apart and the required time period has already passed.

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What should I expect to pay to get a divorce?

Fees for divorce can vary based on the circumstances. Most often, divorces for parties who do not have children or property together take less time and are less expensive. Cases involving custody, child support, and community property all tend to have higher costs because there are more decisions to be made and details to work through. Call our office at 225.500.0880 for more information on the details of your case.

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