How can I get alimony from my spouse?

An award of alimony, or spousal support in Louisiana, is based on whether you have a need for support, whether your spouse has the ability to pay support regularly, and whether you are at fault in the breakup of the marriage. If it can be proven that you were at fault, then you may be prevented from getting an award of spousal support.

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How are things like retirement accounts and 401k divided in a divorce?

Generally, the law dictates that community property is divided equally between the parties in a divorce. When it comes to retirement accounts, parties divide the funds based on what was contributed during the marriage. There are different methods for dividing this kind of property, some involving a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, others requiring a roll over of assets from one account to another. Pensions are products that work differently and funds are not disbursed until after retirement begins.

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