You should immediately complete an application for a “Putative Father Certificate.” This application can be found online and is managed by the La. Department of Health and Hospitals. Follow the instructions and pay the small fee and send it in. You should receive a confirmation that they received your application. More information can be found here.

You should make a strong effort to communicate with her, preferably in writing, and/or to her family, that you are interested in being a parent to the child;

Send the birth mother money to support her and the child. If she doesn’t accept it, put it in a savings account for later. It will show your intent to support the mother and child – until a formal legal determination is made.

Prepare yourself to be a good parent– maintain employment; be drug-free; make good choices; have resources available to support this child, including safe and adequate housing, etc. Be the kind of role model you would want your child to have.