The birth mother gets 1st Dibs. As the then legal parent, she has the right to choose her child’s first and middle name. She may also defer to the adoptive parents and allow them to choose the child’s first and middle name or the parents can mutually agree on a name. The child’s last name is required to be mother’s maiden name, if she is not married, or the name of the father, if she is married or agrees to have the father claim his paternity and add his name to the birth certificate.

The child’s legal name will be the name that is on the child’s birth certificate. The child’s legal name will be changed in some way after the adoption is granted and an amended birth certificate is issued. If the adoptive family chose the child’s name at birth, only the last name will change on the amended birth certificate. If the birth mother named the child at birth, the adoptive family may change the his or her full name when the adoption is granted.