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Whether planning to adopt a child or creating an adoption plan for your child, the process can be intimidating. It’s important to have an experienced adoption attorney that can advise you of your rights and explain your options. Years of study and struggle in this area have honed our skills, providing us with expertise and insight. We strive to be the adoption experts that birth parents and adoptive parents trust. We think outside of the box and go above and beyond to make the process one that each person is grateful to have experienced.

The word adoption encompasses different kinds of adoption, intrafamily adoptions, sometimes referred to as stepparent/grandparent adoptions, agency adoptions, private adoptions and foster care adoptions. All adoptions share the same goal, but each type has specific legal procedures and requirements that families must meet. Not all attorneys understand these very nuanced adoption laws; that’s why it’s important to have an attorney that specializes in adoption law.

In the end, our heart is for these children to have the best possible life experiences so that they will be healthy, happy, productive citizens, made possible because they understood deeply that they are loved by both their biological family and their adoptive family.


Building families through adoption is a complex process, both legally and emotionally. We can help make the process go smoothly.

If you have questions concerning adoption, you can find additional information by visiting our resource center, or give us a call at 225-500-0880.


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Whether you are a couple seeking to adopt or a birth mom who is seeking to place a child, we can help with your options and assist you in finding the best outcome for you and your family. Our goal is everyone’s satisfaction. We listen to your desires and provide you with information according to your adoption needs. Call us at 225-500-0880 for more information.

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