Adoption Stories: Donna and James Clyde


In March of 2016 we were unexpectedly blessed with a two month-old baby named Zariah, who was related to our two adopted children.  I had been in touch with her birth mom for 13 years, since her two other children were placed in our home through the Texas foster care system.  She had intended on parenting Zariah, but was in a very difficult situation and needed us to intervene temporarily.  When more light was shed on the situation, we realized that it would be dangerous for Zariah to return to her birth mother and we worked towards adopting her.

Ours was a more complicated case since we were crossing state lines with a baby, but Gaudin Law Group did a great job, always keeping us informed of what was going on and where we were on the timeline to her final adoption.

I highly recommend Gaudin Law Group.  If you need an adoption attorney, you must have someone who has a passion for adoption and knows what he’s doing – not someone who has just dabbled in adoption law.  Todd is definitely that person.  Even if I was on the other side, needing to place my baby for adoption, I would choose Todd.  He is very honest, kind, loving, and respectful of everyone.

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